ZERO.1 is the winner of the French Tech Dubai UAE Award 2017 by FBC

What did you learn from that experience?

Preparing a pitch for a panel of seasoned professionals who did not know much, if anything, about LiFi forced me to be articulate, crystal clear, to be able to convey in a handful of minutes the key features of ZERO.1, and the technologies and solutions that have been developed. Going through this has been very beneficial!

What are the next steps for ZERO.1?

Within the next few weeks, ZERO.1 will officially announce the largest LiFi roll out in the world. It’s a project on 4 buildings in Dubai. Visitors will be able to download a simple app on their smartphones, and immediately use LiFi to connect to the Internet!

In addition, ZERO.1 has recently opened a research laboratory in France, and we are in the process of growing our teams of researchers.

We are also speaking with numerous Telecom operators in the Middle East and Asia, who wish to obtain exclusive rights to distribute the ZERO.1 solutions.

Ultimately, my objective is to achieve global distribution, and make LiFi an international technology originating from France.

It is a tremendous honour for ZERO.1 to have received the first French Tech UAE award by FBC, presented in person by Mr Sébastien Bazin, CEO of the AccorHotels group, at the occasion of the 30th anniversary gala diner of the French Business Council of Dubai & Northern Emirates.

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