A new generation of hotels free of radio frequency

With mobile ordering services and hospitality technology more generally gaining popularity, hotels need to arm up with flexible and powerful solutions that can not only evolve alongside emerging technologies, but actually facilitate the inclusion of them.

For new hotels and renovations, Li-Fi is an ideal option as it is more secure than traditional Wi-Fi and the speeds it could offer guests in their hotel rooms would make streaming their own entertainment a dream!

In this day and age hotel guests prioritise Wi-Fi over physical amenities; in a survey by hotels.com, when choosing a hotel, 49 percent of business travellers prize it over other options, . With guests expecting connectivity during their stay, hotels are under more pressure than ever to offer a fast, reliable internet connection to a large number of people and devices.

In conjunction with other web innovations , hotels could make use of the fact that users connect to Li-Fi via a light bulb in a very specific location. This could then be taken a step further.

    • Guests can use it to order, communicate and pay for food, drink, spa and concierge services.
    • Automatic language translations – including languages such as Chinese and Arabic.
    • Using their mobile phones to lock and unlock doors instead of access cards.
    • Check-in/checkout system that is automatic without the need of concierge.
    • The light bulb above a table in a restaurant for ordering and signing on the room automatically.

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