Our global solution

Retail4U will be dedicated to malls, stores, hypermarkets, DIY stores, multimedia markets, and other retails. With our solution, we reinvent the shopping experience and give to your retail new revenue.

Visit your retail, it’s a new experience, it’s new method to communicate with your clients. It’s to give your customers the power to communicate for free.

Connect your store with the light ZERO1 and create your own free network of communication

For the user
  • Centimetric gelocation on 3D planes
  • More precise guidance in the heart of the spaces
  • Get information about the center, shops, with text, video, or images
  • Continue to receive information in areas with no 4G or Wifi connection
  • Favor paths for an experience of digital activities
  • Geopositioner his/her vehicle
For the operator and brands
  • Managing visitors using the application
  • Real-time crowd flow information and public management in sensitive areas
  • Extraction of the hot and cold
    density zones
  • Sending advertisements related to the dedicated position
  • Organize promotional events to energize and increase flow
  • Enhance your event space by digitalizing information

Retailers can use the technology to enhance the shopping experience of customers, and improve the value delivered. About 60% of customers use mobile phones in retail stores, and around 70% of sales are made in the aisle.

  • Shoppers searching for specific goods on their shopping list can be directed to them easily.
  • Deliver targeted information to customers. For instance, the smart devices can receive updates regarding offers, coupons, recipes, and other information.

The adoption of this technology, along with indoor position apps, will improve the targeted advertising of retailers and enhance their sales. Moreover, low data rates and existing infrastructure will reduce costs considerably.

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