Our vision of the future

Zero1 commits with LiFi to reshape the common model of communicating to people. Eco-responsibility is our commitment and model to follow.

What we're facing today

With the increase of portable technology and the growth of IOT (Internet of Things) the requirement for an additional communication layer is extremely necessary, but requires to be clean. LIFI has the support and technology that does not require radio waves and electromagnetic smog.


Our development is reflected based on a response to growing market expectations and the support for public policies that highlight the environment and sustainable development.


HALO™ by ZERO1 modem

  • The modem contains a unique identifier (UID) that allows the modulation of light and personalization of contents on a mobile terminal according to its location
  • The detection of the LIFI signal and the reception of the data are done by the front or rear camera of the smartphone
  • Cloud platform for the management of media content associated with each light point and the collection of user data from the mobile application
  • Mobile application that allows visitors to receive information when they are in the light spectrum and enjoy the LIFI experience