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By limiting the electro magnetic smog, the energy consumption of all the network infrastructures, LiFi and ZERO1 would participate in shaping tomorrow’s better world, for our legacy, for our children. 
Infrastructure and network telecommunications have not evolved since the past 20 years, we still rely on the same existing radio frequencies but the rest of the world has changed. New services and New technology came to improve our daily life, lets give it a green long term evolution support through LiFi technology. 
We became all self aware of our health however we can’t compromise on our technological needs, only one single technology can combine everything in a single light point: LiFi.

ZERO1 LUX, headquartered in Luxembourg, has a subsidiary in France: JML TECHS created in 2017 and another in Dubai ZERO1 LiFi TECHNOLOGY created in 2016.

We design integrated solutions in response to the needs of these different markets. We provide B-TO-B and B-to-B-to-C product and service combinations that enable easy and intelligent interaction in outdoor and indoor environments. The industrial, commercial and public sectors are interested in this technology. In many countries telecom operators are one of the main prescribers for public spaces and communities.

The innovative solutions developed in 2016 and 2017 have won many awards, to sign an experimental contract with Orange SA (France) and equipped its Cité des Telecom in LIFI; DU telecom (Dubai) and equip a new eco district in Dubai in LIFI – VLC (Dubai design district), an underground part of the archaeological site of Pompeii. These few very concrete examples which have shown the value of our offer, and a growing reputation, confirm our ability to reach the market launch stage and dynamically accelerate our deployment.

As far as its products and services are concerned, ZERO1 anchors its strategy in a dynamic of permanent innovation by adapting to the needs of the market rather than imposing its vision on the market.

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CCI International
Trophy of the trophies award - Innovation
Lenovo / BPI France
Prix Innovation Moble - Innovation Outre-Mer
Les conseillers du commerce extérieur de la france
Prix spécial du Jury - Grand Prix PME des CCEF
French Business Council
French Tech Award