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The future is bright

The purpose of museums is to share globally cultures, art, knowledge, but we all deal with it individually in a personal manner at our own pace, our own language…yet audio guides, books, or maps disconnect the guest from his experience by removing the personal touch. But what if a new disruptive way existed; what if the most personal device we carry in our hands, our phones could simply step into the light and be connected to receive information at every step of the way. This is called Lifi.

Your mobile device will automatically connect the museum LED lights through the smartphone’s camera. Imagine the lights telling you the story of the museum.

Each Light will give a centimetre accuracy for indoor positioning helping visitor to gain precise location, interactive map, access control to interactive experiences. Each light will only send dedicated information specifically to there locations allowing guests to study, read, or interact with their very close surroundings. Your personal guide tour in your most personal device a the tip of your fingers.

Our solutions hardware and software will allow a series of unprecedentedly accurate services, precise geo-localised information, ultra narrow localization based services, simple yet highly secure access control. Through the Museum mobile app, the visitors journey will begin only once they step into the museum lights and only then they will experience the future.

The visitor
  • Centimetric gelocation on 3D planes
  • Get information on all works of art, with text, videos, or images
  • Continue to receive information in areas with no 4G or Wifi connection
  • Targeted messages
  • Focus on the courses
  • Experience reality next
The museum
  • Managing visitors using the application
  • Real-time crowd flow information and public management in sensitive areas
  • Extraction of the hot and cold
    density zones
  • Sending advertisements related to the dedicated position
  • Organize promotional events to energize and increase flow
  • Enhance your event space by digitalizing information

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